How am I different than most chiropractors?

Most chiropractors adjust each person with a set procedure that he or she will use on all patients. The problem is that everyone is different- different symptoms with varying sources, different ages, different issues, etc. A set sequence of adjustments may work for some patients but not for everyone. Furthermore, the treatment must change as a patient heals otherwise no progress can ever be made.

I offer a new technique catered specifically to your body’s needs. Instead of treating the symptom, I treat the cause(s). Furthermore, instead of treating one component of the body, I treat them all. Some doctors use medicines, others use physical manipulation of the body, and others treat the mind. All are important componets. What is all comes down to is that the body heals itself- doctors can only influence the bodies own processes. This is why my technique which combines structural, chemical, and emotional treatments is so effective.

How it works

Your body is an intricate combination lock. Any person can be given the numbers for the lock, but unless they are used in the correct order, the body will not heal efficiently. Each patient must be adjusted in their own individual sequence for the body to unlock. I “ask” your body where it is weak (where it is not getting enough of something positive or where it is getting too much of something negative) by testing the muscle’s strength in different positions and situations. When I find a muscle that is weak, something is wrong. I can then find the source of the problem in the same manner, treat it, then when the muscle becomes strong again, I ask another muscle. For example, you may be able to hold your arm strongly in front of you under normal circumstances. However, by isolating a muscle I can tell how efficiently the muscle is performing and information about your body's need. This gives me your correct sequence. This will maximize specific results and ensure a shorter treatment period for each patient. Muscle testing will also guide me to use the best technique available to me to treat you accordingly.



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