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Does applied kinesiology replace standard examinations?

Applied kinesiology is used in addition to standard diagnostics to help determine the cause of a health problem. For example, with certain conditions such as hypoglycemia, there will be muscle patterns of weakness or strength found with AK. However, these same patterns could be present because of another nervous system problem such as disease or some type of adaptation response.

Only an adequate history of the patient, together with standard examination procedures and laboratory findings will indicate the proper course of treatment. Therefore, people performing a simple muscle test and diagnosing what vitamins are needed or using other information about health without standard examination is inappropriate. Making health decisions from information solely from a simple muscle test may actually be harmful.

The determination of your need for dietary supplements requires knowledge of your symptoms, an examination for known physical signs of imbalances, and a dietary history. Blood, urine, or saliva analyses may be added to the foregoing. An applied kinesiology examination provides additional information and can help to determine what is lacking and needs supplementation. Using applied kinesiology, a doctor can often determine which of the many available laboratory tests are the most appropriate to be performed. This can result in a more effective diagnosis while at the same time reducing health care costs.

What can I expect during my initial exam?

Please wear comfortable clothing for the examinations.  No skirts, dress nor tight clothing will be helpful for your treatment.  During your initial exam, I will evaluate your basic vitals which consist of blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and oral ph along with a basic orthopedic evaluation of your problematic area. After I have gathered a thorough understanding of your overall health and current situation, we will then begin to treat you with the techniques I specialize in including AK, NET, TBM, and NHS. The initial visit will take approximately take 1 hour to 1 1/2hours, depending on your condition. Follow up visits will be approximately a 1/2 hour to 45 mins. If you are interested in learning more about these techniques, please go to the links page for their web site.



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