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I drink 8 glasses of water a day. Isn't that enough?

We have all heard it before, “drink at least 8 glasses of water a day!”, but why is this so important?

Here is a hint. If there is any smell or color in your urination, your body is dehydrated. In fact, if you experience any thirst, your body has already been dehydrated for some time. This means your body is not performing optimally. Water is an easy cure for a multitude of symptoms. For example, drinking 10 percent less water than what your body requires can reduce your energy level up to 80 percent!

Our body's are constantly exposed to toxins via the air we breathe, the food we eat, and as a by product of our body’s own natural processes. These toxins are normally eliminated through breathing, sweating, and excretion. The most efficient way of cleansing the body of toxins is through frequent urination. Unfortunately, most of us do not urinate enough to efficiently get rid of these toxins. Why? Because we are not drinking enough water.

I advise all my patients to drink to their body mass instead of the national recommendation of 8 glasses. This is because water consumption is directly correlated to height, weight, and a person’s activity level.

Drink 1 quart of water (filtered) per every 50 lbs you weigh per day. Teas and coffee are diuretics and cause the body to loose water. Sports drinks generally contain high levels of sugar and stimulants which counteract the benefits water offers. People who are under heavy detoxification or extremely active need to add an additional quart of water.This does not include coffee, tea, or sports drinks of any kind.



Do I have to take supplements?
The nutritional supplements suggested are specific for your needs.These supplements are to increase your body’s healing process along with overall performance and efficiency.Since muscles move bones and muscles are related to certain organ systems as demonstrated through the acupuncture system, supplementations therefore help those organ systems work more effectively and thus help hold your adjustments longer.Depending on your condition you may need a supplement for a few days up or to 3 months. Once your organ systems have been built up, you will no longer need to take the supplement suggested. Therefore you will never need to be on the same supplement forever.

When can I expect to see results?
Since everyone is different, some patients may see changes after the first visit and some might not see changes after 4 to 5 visits. Everyone has their own pace. Results also depend on the duration, severity, and complexity of your condition. Patients must also follow the recommended diet and water consumption. Both the doctor and the patient have roles to make the body more efficient.





Why is the diet so important?
The diet is structured to control your blood sugar levels. Your body's blood sugar levels are monitored by your liver and ultimately controlled by your pancreas and adrenals. Eating good foods that are free from high amounts of sugar and toxins (preservatives, pesticides, and refinement) will aid in your body's healing time. This will allow the adrenals to rest and recover. The adrenals are the glands in your body that deal with blood sugar, your natural anti-inflammatory, water retention, and sex hormones, to mention a few. These systems are directly related to healing time and must be stabilized. Remember you only have one body and you need to treat it well. If someone gave you a expensive sports car, you would definitely give it the highest grade gas. Give your body the best food available.

As people go though their daily lives, most eat a variety of food that are filled with preservatives, contain pesticides and are low in fiber. As we breath we collect fumes from car exhaust and second hand smoke, drink alcohol and we absorb toxins through our skin are a few that increase our bodies toxicity. So as we collect these toxins through out or life, they become trapped in our tissues and slow down body processes, speed aging, clog our liver and large intestine, increase the wrinkles in our skin and give us those bags under our eyes, etc. Therefore we need to clean out our liver, gall bladder, and large intestines to allow our body to perform more efficiently and prevent us from becoming more vunerable to illness and disease. I suggest people detox at least once a year if not twice depending upon their levels of toxicity and conditions.

Insurance Coverage
As a courtesy for our patients,  insurance will be submitted to your provider.  If your insurance does have chiropractic coverage, it can pay for a portion of your visit and the patient will be responsible for the remainder. To insure proper knowledge of your chiropractic coverage, please give a call to your provider.
* Some insurance will allow for a certain number of visits or monetary amount. 
The Doctor may recommend more visits than your insurance allows.  Also, nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies and homecare supplies are not covered by insurance.   

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