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Rheumatoid Arthritis 

In 2009, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, via blood work. Over the next 2 years, it got progressively worse, attacking my hands, knees, wrists, and feet. In 2011, my husband and I had our first child, but with the birth of a child came more extreme RA flares. It got to the point that I could not hold my baby in the night due to the pain his small 8lb body caused me. I didn’t know what to do. We wanted our baby so bad, but due to the disease that was slowly taking over my body, I felt like I couldn’t even care for him.

Luckily, my husband’s aunt saw my pain and recommended I see Dr. Shiu. I saw him for the first time in December of 2011, I believe. He worked with me and my body, did my necessary adjustments, and spoke with me about changing my diet. I had to do something so that I could raise my son and not just sit on the sidelines. I drastically changed my diet, cutting out sugars, corn, and dairy. With these changes, and my regular appointments with Dr. Shiu, I was slowly able to reduce my flares. I was able to sit on the ground and get back up without help! Something I hadn’t been able to do in almost 2 years.

The Disease was still attacking my joints, but the inflammation and pain was drastically reduced. With the birth of my second child in 2013, I was more able to control the flares with Dr. Shiu’s help and their impact had very little effect on me compared to the first birth. Over the years, I have tried to maintain this diet as much as possible. Never taking any RA drugs other than a small dose of ibuprofen. My Rheumatologist tried many times to prescribe me prescription drugs, but I refused, not wanting the many possible side effects. Upon Dr. Shiu’s recommendation, I began taking turmeric in high doses with my daily vitamins. In 2015, I did have to get a full knee replacement, due to the RA damage, but I recovered quickly and began eating a mostly vegan diet.

In September of 2017, I went in for my annual appointment with my Rheumatologist and he told me that I was officially in remission according to my blood work. He was shocked! Hardly anyone goes into remission with RA, let alone without Meds. I completely credit this achievement to my work with Dr. Shiu. His guidance and work has allowed me to have the life with my children that I want. I may not be hiking giant mountains or skiing any time soon, due to the damage, but the fact that I was able to achieve the high quality of life I have now, without the harmful side effects of harsh drugs, I am forever thankful to Dr. Shiu.

B Miller

Allergies to Food

I first went to Dr Greg to take care of some adjustments that I needed. While giving Dr Greg some information/background I mention that I had allergies to fish. I shared with him that for most of my life I was able to eat fish or shell fish. The allergies started with crab and shrimp. Then it finally worked its way to fish, which I loved the most. After only 11 visits and doing a cleans which Dr Greg supervised me, I'm able to eat my favorite, Spicy Ahi!

Thank you Dr. Greg

Lani K.

Difficulty Walking, Neuralgia and Decreased Mobility

I was taking medication for the pain, but I still could not walk. This is when I was referred to Dr. Greg. On my first appointment I had great difficulty and needed a walker to get around. Climbing onto the treatment table caused me excruciating pain, however after 2 months of therapy I was walking with a cane, doing some light cooking and washing the dishes. I was able to stand again! Four months later and I can drive again. I can do all the household chores, I returned to Tai Chi class at the senior center, and I even walk the dog. Although I am slow and still on medication, my family will tell you that it's truly a miracle that I can walk. Thank You Dr. Greg!!!

Nancy Tokuda

Rotator Cuff Injury

I started seeing Dr. Greg Shiu for a rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder. He came into my place of business one day and noticed I was in some discomfort ( I couldn't lift my arm any higher than 15-20 degrees without severe pain.) He offered to take a look at my shoulder, I accepted, and after a few muscle/strength tests he told me that he could fix my shoulder. I appreciated his self-confidence and willingness to help, but honestly didn't know too much about kinesiology, so I did a little bit of research on this field of chiropractics. After finding out more on the subject I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shiu.
After my first visit with Dr. Shiu, I noticed immediate improvement because I was able to lift my arm almost 90 degrees AND without pain! I had another appointment two days later and by the time we were finished I had even more mobility! I could now lift my arm higher than 90 degrees and I was very impressed. It was a huge improvement from the three days ago when I had a hard time just trying to lift my arm to do the simplest tasks. When I had left Dr. Shiu after our third visit I was able to lift my arm straight up without pain, give a big wave, and thank him for being right... he could fix me! A big mahalo to you Dr. Greg!

Tracy A. Hollum
Cha Cha Cha Salsaria
Hawaii Kai

 Maintenance Care

Every time I am treated by Dr. Greg, I walk away feeling incredible!  His insights are right on and I believe he has a true healing gift.  He also has a true commitment to his patients revealed through his continuous learning.  He keeps up to date on the latest techniques and that makes me feel confident about his work.


Tricia Stewart
Life Coach
Owner, Human Being Company


Migrane Headaches, Low Immunity

July 2005 I began seeing Dr. Greg for my chronic headaches, migraines, asthma, and stomach problems and I often get sick. I have been taking medication for each of my ailments. I have learned that these drugs are ruining another part of my body. By me taking too many Excedrin and prescription drugs for my headaches and my once-to-twice a month migraine was causing my stomach to hurt. My PCP said I would need to take another prescription for my stomach called Protonix used for ulcer, acid, and heartburn. The acid in my stomach is one of the triggers for my asthma.

During my 1st visit with Dr. Greg he concluded that I was under a lot of stress. Stress is the probable cause of my ailments. After my visit with Dr. Greg I felt better. I felt unusually lighter not by weight but by spirit of some sort.

Currently I am on medication for acid stomach and asthma and tension headaches but no more migraine medicine. I suffered from migranes about 20 years since I was a teenager and for the past 8 months I haven’t had any migraines. I also noticed I have less frequent colds.

Thank you Dr. Greg.

K. Hasegawa

Stomach Pains, Fatigue, Migranes

Since I began treatment with Dr. Shiu, I have seen a remarkable improvement in my health. I began treatment in November of last year when my stomach pains were quite unbearable. I had previously been treated by a gastroenterologist, and taking a number of different medications to treat this to no avail. However, with Dr. Shiu’s assistance, my stomach pain has subsided considerably.Additionally, I occasionally suffered from severe migraines. I used to take a high dosage of prescription narcotic medication to relieve the pressure in my head. I currently only take an over the counter medication about once a month now. Presently, I feel that I my energy level is higher with fewer bodily pains. I really appreciate all the help Dr. Shiu has given me.


Trouble breathing, Hiatial Hernia Homeopathic Care

I began seeing Dr. Shiu during the summer of 2006. Throughout the summer he increased my mobility, lowered my stress and allowed me to live a healthier lifestyle. In August I had to move back to New York and was therefore unable to see Dr. Shiu in person, yet, he was one of the doctors who I trusted the most with my body. Therefore, I was extremely hesitant on searching for a new AK Doctor to suit my needs. Not only did Dr. Shiu provide me with contacts in the New York area through but he was also available for emergency treatments over the phone or through e-mail. This proved extremely beneficial when I recently had an acid reflux attack that sent me to the hospital. I instantly called Dr. Shiu who, at once, calmed me down and read my symptoms. My roommate, who was also treated by Dr. Shiu before we moved to New York, was able to talk to Dr. Shiu and help me before the car arrived to take me to the hospital. Dr. Shiu asked her to give me ER 911, a homeopathic remedy he had given her. Shortly after I had taken some, the pain in my chest ceased and I was able to take a deep breathe in which was a wonderful blessing. The next day Dr. Shiu called me personally to make sure I was okay. I am extremely thankful to have Dr. Shiu; his passion for AK and his patients is incredible and his work has done wonders for me and my friend. Thank you Dr. Shiu!

Tess  S.

Whole Body Aches

When I first came to Dr. Greg Shiu, I was having so much bodily pains. Part of my diagnosed condition was malnutrition. Dr. Shiu recommended taking food supplements which I was very skeptical of taking. I also needed spinal adjustments and was a bit apprehensive and uncomfortable with someone messing with my spine. Nevertheless, I continued treatments and in just two to three visits I felt a significant improvement on my overall health and the majority of my bodily pains disappeared. I became more at ease and I trusted Dr. Shiu with the treatments. I am very grateful to Dr. Shiu and my friend who referred me to him.



Pinched Nerve Cold Laser Treatment

A year ago I suffered a injury where I herniated the c6 c7 disk of my spine.  The initial injury was so painful that I was unable to sleep for 7 days.  The severe pain lasted for over 6 months with little improvement.  The only relief that my physician could offer me was in the form of heavy pain killers and Valium. This only succeeded in adding to my emotional distress and frustration with no treatment to the problem.  Even with extensive Physical Therapy over those six months improvement was minor.  Upon seeking treatment with Dr Shiu he began to address the injury with cold laser therapy. Within one month the majority of my neck pain had subsided to a manageable state where I could sleep without the excessive pain medication. A month after that I was able to return to my regular physically active routine. 
Andrew Bugreyev

Cold Laser Therapy for Severely Broken Wrist

I severely broke my wrist (a Smith Fracture from a falling off my bike), and subsequently had surgery and the first metal put into my body. My range of motion was greatly limited, there was a significant amount of swelling and inflammation, and I had lost a considerably amount of strength to my hand. I came to see Dr. Greg after he had mentioned his cold laser therapy might help with my healing process. We began treatment while I was still wearing my cast (though I could take it off for treatment). It was after the second treatment that I started noticing that my range of motion was increasing at a greater rate than it had been, my pain was less, and the swelling and inflammation seemed to be decreasing more rapidly. We continued with several more treatments, and each time I left feeling better. I definitely consider Dr. Greg, his treatments and his cold laser therapy as being a significant factor in my speedy recovery and my ability to push myself up on my surfboard only two and half months after my accident. Mahalo Dr. Greg. You rock (as does your laser machine)!!!

Mariya G

ACL Tear

Cold Laser- After completely tearing my ACL, I was in pain and it was tough for me to walk. I went in for treatment with Dr. Shiu. He suggested the cold laser therapy, which I had used before on my back. He applied it to my knee which had only about 50% range of motion. After 30 minutes of the cold laser, i had 85%. After two treatments and limited physical therapy, my range of motion is back to 95%, without surgery! Dr. Shiu is the best and I would highly recommend the cold laser to anyone with chronic or substantial pain! Mahalo, Dr. Shiu.

 Chris O.  

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was diagnosed with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) when I was 24. I went from just having a sore finger to pain in every joint in my body in just 3 months. I could hardly get down to the ground and had to have my husband or other family members help me back up if I did manage to get down there. My knee was swollen like a melon and I had to make sure my pharmacy changed all my pain relief prescriptions to non-childproof caps because of the intense pain in my hands every day.

I hated the thought of taking “cancer treating” medicines to “help control” my RA. My husband and I wanted a family and these drugs would not only be hard on me but would hurt any babies if I became pregnant while taking them. So I swore off the drugs (except my much needed Ibuprofen) until we got pregnant.

It is true that RA settles down when pregnant, but when my son was only 1 month old, it flared up again. My hands were so sore that I had to have my husband change my baby’s diapers in the middle of the night because I physically could not do it. There had to be another way. I could not bear to think of trying to raise my babies with this kind of pain every day, it would not be fair to me or them. During my quest to stay drug free, my massage therapist told me to see Dr. Shiu.

With his help, we customized my diet, changed my daily habits, and he adjusted all sorts of things after reading my body. After just one visit, I woke up one night to get my baby and realized I was standing with hardly any pain. I followed his diet recommendations to the letter. Within the first month, I was on the ground playing with my baby, changing diapers with no problem, and lifting him from his crib without pain.

It is a lot of work and temptation to follow the diet restrictions and the pain is not yet completely gone, but after only 2 months, I feel better, more energetic, and pain free then I have in the last 2 years. I now look forward to having more kids and playing with them as they grow up, like every 20-something mother should. Thank you Dr. Shiu.


Ulcerative Colitis

I suffer from a hereditary disease called Ulcerative Colitis (similar to Crohn's disease). Abdominal pain, weight loss, diarrhea, and internal bleeding were ruining my life. For almost a decade I wasted my time going to doctors who simply tried to "cover up" my symptoms, then I found Dr. Shiu. Within just a few visits Greg isolated the cause of the reoccurring ulcers. He recommended a strict diet, the appropriate supplements, and used some of his special techniques to bring me back to health. Greg increases my quality of life ten fold. I highly recommend Dr. Greg Shiu.

Sincerely Michael

Food Allergies and Infant Care

I went to see Dr. Shiu for food allergies as my body hasn't been at 100% for years to which he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It was amazing at the things he would pick up on. I only wish their were more practitioners like him. You can always tell when a doctor truly cares for your health and well-being. Another thing I am grateful to Dr. Shiu for, when my little girl started eating solids, she seemed to be having lots of food reaction as well so I took her to see Dr. Shiu when she was about 9 months old. Not only was he good with her, he also noticed the size difference in her eyes and explained to me why. I was thrilled because I just thought, oh no my little one has one Asian eye and one Caucasian eye. Doing what he told me, her eyes are now even in size! Our family recently moved back to the mainland so I am sad that we will no longer be able to be treated by Dr. Shiu and hope I'll be able to find a doctor like him where we are now!
Thanks Dr. Shiu for all you have done for my family.

Lisa L

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